• Feeling so good after my crystal healing with Jessica! I wanted to recharge my energy after a few stressful weeks, and after 1 60minute session I felt instantly recharged and grounded again. She also gave me great recommendations of stones to work with and some great insights into why some of my chakras were more closed than others. – KS, Los Angeles


  • It was like a massage for the mind. Mental clarity, peace, awareness and letting go of body tension, focus, all these things were amazingly well for the next few days and I would accidentally reflect back on my experience for days to come. I would be driving, or organizing and a sound, color, or even feel of an object would remind me of the experience and I would be self-aware I was holding stress and let myself relax, great stuff! I highly recommend the experience. – NK, Los Angeles


  • Working with Jessica to help heal my two cats has been such a pleasure. My female cat, Sylvie, has had a ton of medical issues, and as a result our male cat, Oscar, has had emotional issues. Jessica works with both of them and caters to their individual needs. She is so sweet and gentle with them, and I can definitely tell that the magic is working. Sylvie is back to her normal self, happy and healthy, and Oscar seems so much more grounded in general. I can’t recommend Jessica and her work enough! – EB, Bloomington
  • Working with Jessica has given me peace and clarity, and the information she has shared has helped me to feel at ease with my process. Jessica is warm, calm, and intuitive, and she provides an environment of pure relaxation and comfort. I feel very cared for by Jessica, without feeling uncomfortably vulnerable. I appreciate her work so much, and am grateful to have her as a trusted practitioner. – MG, Bloomington
  • I am writing this a few days after my first distance healing session with Jessica, and my primary reaction is gratitude. And also – wow! The session was nurturing, powerful, and quite profound. Jessica was able to read my energy, balance it, and provide valuable feedback and advice. We did this session over the phone, and while neither one of us was sure whether it would “work,” we wanted to give it a try. Well, it definitely worked! I felt very connected, and I felt energy shifts and had some important insights as Jessica worked on me as well as afterwards. The session began with Jessica walking me through a relaxation exercise that I loved, and then she worked on my chakras. At the end of the session, Jessica shared feedback about the energy imbalances she had worked on and provided recommendations of stones that could help support these issues. The next morning as I woke up, I was aware of a sense of renewed strength and connection running along the front of my body, which has persisted throughout the days since then and is most welcome! I am currently in my second year of a certification program in energy medicine, so I am familiar with energy work; this distance healing session with Jessica was very effective and has left me with much food for thought. – AG, Miami


  • I’d highly advise visiting Jessica for either a crystal healing or chakra balancing session as I’ve completely enjoyed both! Jessica is very warm, sincere, genuine and a great listener. I felt extremely comfortable during each of the different sessions I’ve had and really felt relief and like “something” was happening for sure. – NF, Los Angeles


  • I went to 3 chakra balancing sessions and definitely felt lighter and more relaxed immediately and was so surprised when Jessica told me that I might feel even better in the next day or two…. I did, she was right! After my initial sessions with her I decided I wanted to try a crystal healing and like the previous poster my mind was blown as well!! I’ve done reiki once a week for about 4 months, did acupuncture about once a week for almost 2yrs and the crystal healing was beyond amazing in comparison to my other alternative medicine experiences! – RE, Bloomington


  • I could feel a complete energy shift and like something was taking place for sure. I also felt a coolness start to radiate from my feet all the way up to my chest midway through the session. I figured maybe Jessica used some cool Harry Potter style magical stones and she told me, no, the stones don’t magically cool. Therefore, the energy work she was doing was causing me to feel this remarkable sensation as my own energy was shifting. I’d absolutely recommend trying a session, especially a crystal healing with Jessica! If you go in with an open mind, ready to receive healing you’ll be glad you went! – NF, Los Angeles