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Photo by Natasha Komoda
Photo by Natasha Komoda

Jessica is an Intuitive Energyworker. She has completed the foundation courses for Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperor’s College and studied Esoteric Acupuncture with Mikio Sankey. She was trained to use crystals by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, gaining an understanding of the human electromagnetic field and of how crystals interact with it. 

She also practices healing of the home through her business, Space Fengshui, she is certified through Earth Home School of Feng Shui. Jessica is also trained by Joy Wallen of Sound Healing in analyzing the notes of the voice and can remedy imbalances through voice healing. Jessica continually uses art and science to gain a deeper understanding of the healing energies of nature.


Our most convenient service, enjoy your session over the phone in the comfort of your home. Experience relief, relaxation, and spiritual growth.

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Stress, trauma, and life changes can cause a shift of energy in your body. Energetic imbalances eventually manifest as physical ailments or emotional issues.

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We are so connected to our pets. They can feel stress and trauma just as we do, and are often much more sensitive than we realize. A change in routine can manifest as a physical or behavior issue.

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Children are highly sensitive to the subtle energies that make up our electromagnetic field. Stress and trauma can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to focus, learn and connect.

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