New Year’s Mental Cleanse

As promised, here is the second video we have created for you! This meditation focuses on clearing the mind and releasing old patterns as we begin a new year. We suggest you sit in an active position to stay alert as Kristen leads you on this journey.

Access the video below, and we would be honored if you share this gift with your friends as well. 💜

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our new YouTube channel, To Be All Eyes.

This is a video channel with content timed to sacred planetary cycles. To be all eyes, for us, connotes a heightened perception of the internal and external environment. A play on ‘allies’, to be ‘all eyes’, suggests connecting with each other in a superconscious and collaborative way. Our intention is for these videos to assist and guide you into your own personal alignment. May these experiences inspire you to be all eyes with yourself, Earth, and one another.

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