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The process of life continually offers opportunities to find our center in the myriad of perceived opposing forces. We invite you to release the drama of duality and to receive the neutrality of polarity. Allow the laws of nature to uphold your posture, to lengthen your spine, and to breathe life force into your body. Allow your breath to unify your mind to body, and your heart to soul.

The collective progress of intuitive intelligence is just as important as the advancement of technology. 

To strengthen our intuitive intelligence, let's synchronize our connections with each other in a human harmonic. Our intention is that through meditation every day at 11:11 am, we will collectively create a global harmonic.

Access our video below as we read from
The Mayan Oracle's excerpt Resolution of Duality.

We are a collective humanity meditating every day at 11:11 am. Through this synergy of intelligence we are manifesting a global harmonic of unity.

Join us daily at 11:11 to synchronize

an infinite loop of unity consciousness.

Below is meditation one, a five-minute activation connecting your heart's magnetic field into the earth grid. Don't forget to set your alarms and mark your calendars!

To Be All Eyes is a video channel with content timed to sacred planetary cycles. To be all eyes, for us, connotes a heightened perception of the internal and external environment. A play on 'allies', to be 'all eyes', suggests connecting with each other in a superconscious and collaborative way. Our intention is for these videos to assist and guide you into your own personal alignment. May these experiences inspire you to be all eyes with yourself, Earth, and one another. Find the Global Meditation Project on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Photo by Natasha Komoda

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