Garnet for Goals

garnet is for goals

Garnet is a stone that gives an extra oomph towards goals you are working towards. Essentially, garnet helps you get out of your own way.

The energy of garnet enlivens the root chakra. The root chakra governs our survival instinct, continually pushing us forward. With a balanced root chakra, we can achieve what is needed to live a life that sustains us. When the root chakra is blocked when can feel disconnected to our life's purpose and our reason for living.

As modern humans, passion is interwoven with purpose. To survive means financial stability, healthy relationships, and a comfortable home. Surviving means creating a balance between what drives you and what you desire.

Jim Carrey tells the story of how he started from nothing. He visualized his life as he saw it should be, got to work, and got out of the way. I love this clip where he shares with Oprah how he used the law of attraction to create the life that he saw for himself.

You can use garnet to give your goals manifesting superpower. Create a tangible item that symbolizes the life that you see for yourself. If writing yourself a check resonates with you, do that.

When I used this technique to build my business, I created a W-2 with my business description and the amount of money I wanted to make in order to leave my job. I put this in my wallet with a tumbled garnet. Every time I paid for something I would imagine spending money that I earned from my business. When I pulled out a business card, I imagined telling others about the unique services I offered.

When I created this slip of paper, I didn't realize you don't receive W-2's when you're self-employed. I also didn't understand how to create the vision that I felt so deep inside my soul. The power of that little garnet help me break through all of these limitations. It helped me get out of my own way. I believe that garnet helped me blaze the path to the life I saw for myself.

I decided to leave my job before my income matched the numbers on my magical w-2. I had created enough business that having the extra hours in my workday would put me in a position to survive from the business I created. I'm getting really close to the five-year deadline I had set for myself, and really close to that number.

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below. Do you use crystals to give your superpowers a little more oomph?

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