Stress, trauma, and life changes can cause a shift of energy in your body. Energetic imbalances eventually manifest as physical ailments or emotional issues. A re-alignment of energetic frequencies removes these emotional and physical blocks.  Jessica will place crystals gently on your body, over the energy centers called chakras. She will use tuning forks to implement a constant healing frequency into your electromagnetic field and on specific meridian points of your body.

Your aurawork session will be done over the phone in the comfort of your home. You are warmly welcomed just as you are. All sessions are held in complete confidentiality. 

    • Helps you feel relaxed and grounded.
    • Can relieve pain that has resisted other methods of relief.
    • Balances the chakras.
    • Can help with overcoming addictions or bad habits.
    • Aids in spiritual growth and understanding of the higher self.
    • Can help with connecting to guides and loved ones that have passed.
    • Reduces stress and anxiety.
    • Releases traumatic experiences from the energy field.


You can take my five-minute chakra quiz to get an idea of which chakras may need attention.

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