What’s your call to action?

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You may have a lot on your mind today as our next president takes office. You may even be inspired to take action. When you align ambitions with action, your own piece of humanity ripples throughout the world.

Today we want to help you ease the feelings about what is taking shape in the world and help you construct a useful response to it.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

For this activation you will need some paper, a pen, some candles and a fire safe bowl. We used flash paper, but that is totally optional. You can find flash paper here if you're interested.

Access the video below, and we would be honored if you share this gift with your friends as well.

Kristen Becher and I have been creating a series of meditations. You can find them all for free on our YouTube channel, To Be All Eyes.

This is a video channel with content timed to sacred planetary cycles. To be all eyes, for us, connotes a heightened perception of the internal and external environment. A play on 'allies', to be 'all eyes', suggests connecting with each other in a superconscious and collaborative way. Our intention is for these videos to assist and guide you into your own personal alignment. May these experiences inspire you to be all eyes with yourself, Earth, and one another.

Photo by Natasha Komoda

I'm here for you.

Aurawork helps release energetic blockages that hold you back. Not feeling inspired? You have goals, but not motivated to work on them? That's a big clue that there is something energetic keeping you stuck.

Next steps...

I warmly welcome new clients. I'd love to answer any questions you have before booking an appointment.

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