Global Meditation Project

Breathe The process of life continually offers opportunities to find our center in the myriad of perceived opposing forces. We invite you to release the drama of duality and to receive the neutrality of polarity. Allow the laws of nature to uphold your posture, to lengthen your spine, and to breathe life force into your body. Allow your breath to […]

Lead Your Tribe

Pyrite is hard metallic mineral composed of iron and sulfer. The name pyrite comes from the greek word for fire. The mineral is used in some products to create sparks. Pyrite is an ideal stone for waking up your natural leadership skills. Holding a pyrite you will immediately feel a boost of energy and confidence that […]

Garnet for Goals

Garnet is a stone that gives an extra oomph towards goals you are working towards. Essentially, garnet helps you get out of your own way. The energy of garnet enlivens the root chakra. The root chakra governs our survival instinct, continually pushing us forward. With a balanced root chakra, we can achieve what is needed to […]

Meditation Channel

I have created a special crystal bowl meditation for you in collaboration with my dear friend, Kristen Becher.  This activation introduces the authentic self in sensory form, crystallizing it into a unique snowflake for you to reconnect with at any time. Access the video below, and please share with the ones you love. 💜 With […]